white robe


it has been almost a week snce d hayden kho – katrna halili issue was launched like d sputnik rocket into d television screens, newspapers’ headlines && to d public’s awareness, but d said issue is stil on fire, && remains as d talk of d town.

i am on katrina’s side, && lookng at all angles, d doctor is stil to blame. he brought a permanent stain on every other doctor’s white robe, not only d doctors but also to d other members of d medical team. he attached more weights hooked on d word “pinay”, which continuali is sinking into d mud of shame && dirt, && he added more emphasis to d descrption of “pinay” to d foreigners as prostitutes && sluts.

hayden kho *ninyo!* is a disgrace. yes. hayden kho is a lecher. no doubt. hayden kho doesnt deserve to be called a doctor. i agree on dat. but, cant u see how everyone, d nbi, d senate, d media && d public treat d issue so hugeli? do u see how dey treat kho unfairli? i mean, i am reali sure, if he has no connections to vicky belo && to showbiz, ds issue wil not be as ds big, && we wil nver see senator revilla involve himself w/ d issue. *plus factor – d upcomng 2010 elections*

how about doctors who hav killed their patients? who hav worsened d patients’ condition due to their negligence? dont dey deserve any punshment as wel, just like kho? der r a lot of doctors who r stil practcng medicine, marchng around hospital halls after dey hav inflicted malpractce to their patients. i thnk, their licenses also need to be removed.

d media, d police, d senate, d public, r just exaggeratng a certain story, but other important issues r took for granted. der is no balance. justce can be too much, but cud be none at all. *i mean, usuali, most of d time*

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