new year's resolutions..

fact: most people's resolutions are:

number one - quit smoking
number two - lose weight

para kasing ang sarap ng feeling na, bagong taon, bagong nilalang, bagong gawain, bagong pag-uugali. pero ang pagbabago ay hindi nangyayari sa isang oras lang.. isa itong proseso.. kaya, parang wala ring silbi ang mga resolutions, kung matapos ang isang taon wala ring nagbago..

lahat tayo, may gustong baguhin sa ating mga sarili. eto ang akin:

> quit eating too much sweets, especially icecream. remember: icecream makes you FAT!

> too much facebook-ing is so NEGA. as in NEGATIVE. balance your time.

> keep your bedroom tidy as possible.

> be organized! dont mix paperclips, zippers, needles, ballpens, chopsticks into one container. organize your papers too.

> fix your closet. the clothes always look like they came straight from the washing machine.

> dont fight with your sister or brother.

> be patient with social climbers/status seekers/basageros-ras/feelers/bobos/braggarts and other people's attitudes you hate to the core! stop the urge to hit his/her face with your cellphone or the urge to poke his/her eyes *mostly 'her'* with your pen. slow down. breathe in, breathe out.

yun muna. :]

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